Buying A Haunted House

Buying A Haunted House

Buying your first haunted house may be an exciting yet scary time, yet it’s far from simple. Here are some points to look out for that will keep your new life running well: 1. Your new silverware may be floating around: Purchasing your first house can be a good opportunity to ditch those old mismatched spoons […]

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Moving and Packing Tips

ERA has partnered with many national and local firms for special offers that will help with you move. ERA Select Services helps you with your utility connect and disconnect along with discounts for moving. Visit ERA Select Services today and let us help you with your move. Tips Pack heavy items in small boxes, light […]

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Moving with Children

Tell your children about the move and the reason for it. Tailor your explanation to their age. The youngest children only need to know that a parent has to work at a new office in a new town. Older teens will want, and deserve, to know more. Tips Tell them the advantages of moving (new […]

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Questions to Help You Evaluate a Realtor

Whether you’re considering to purchase or sell a home, choosing a real estate professional is a critical step in the process. According to a 2008 J.D. Power and Associates study, both home buyers and sellers considered having the right sales associate to be the key factor when it came to their overall satisfaction. Before you […]

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For Sale By Owner

You’ve seen the signs displayed in front of homes of every description, and whether you’re a potential homebuyer or seller you’ve probably wondered whether going the “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) route is right for you. The fact is that there have always some sellers who’ve chosen to attempt to sell their home without the […]

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Pulling Up Roots

There’s more to moving than simply packing your belongings and shipping them to a new city. Moving means great changes in your life and your family’s life — new home, new friends, new schools, a new job, and possibly a whole new lifestyle. Such changes can be filled with uncertainty, anxiety and apprehension. But it […]

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Straightforward Tips To Follow When Choosing To Buy Real Estate

In the world of buying real estate, it is important to understand what you are doing so that you don’t get taken for a trip. That is where a great deal of research study on real estate purchasing method comes in convenient. When purchasing genuine estate and to avoid scams, follow these suggestions to assist […]

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Why It’s Worth What It’s Worth: Factors Affecting Home Value

Most of us know the mantra that answers,” What are the top three factors that determine a home’s value?” If you responded “Location, Location, Location” you’re right. But what makes for a good location? And what is it about a particular home that gives it value? Part of the answer is subjective – one person’s […]

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Moving with Pets

Most pet owners feel their pet is a member of the family. Remember that your pet can feel your anxiety and may show unusual personality traits at this time. Try to keep your routine as normal as possible. Remember, a long trip can be even tougher for an animal than a human. Take this into […]

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Why Homeowners Insurance is Always Worth It

As a homeowner, you probably have made a huge investment in the house that shelters your family. Because of this, it is key to making sure that house is well protected. This is why you should spend some time trying to understand the basics of typical home insurance policies. They are important to your future […]

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